Emergency Medical Training Specialists

Medical Training — from basic to advanced. 


Medical  emergencies such as heart attacks, seizures, concussions and bodily  injuries can happen at any time. In attempts to create a safer work  environment, many companies are choosing to implement medical response  teams to assist during the critical time before paramedics, EMTs or  EMRs are present at the scene. ​

Emergency Medical Training Specialists is qualified to certify according to:

  • The American Heart Association
  • Medic First Aid
  • ​National Safety Council

​Learn  more about founder Kevin Sullivan's qualifications, and how you can  utilize his 30+ years of experience as a paramedic to transform your  work spaces into a prepared and safe environment. 

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Emergency  Medical Training Specialists offers a variety of medical training  classes serving the Twin Cities and Greater Minnesota. 

For a complete list of services, visit the Services page. 

 ​Basic Training Courses 


Includes the following courses: 

  • Basic First Aid 
  • Adult CPR
  • Pediatric CPR (Child & Infant)
  • Bloodborne Pathogen 


Advanced Training Courses


Includes the following courses:  ​

  • EMR — Emergency Medical Responder  (formerly  known as 'First Responder')​​
  • EMT — Emergency Medical Technician 
  • PALS — Pediatric Advanced Life Support 
  • ACLS — Advanced Cardiac Life Support 

 ​Refresher Courses 

 Are you already an EMR or EMT? Contact Kevin to schedule your refresher course today.