Helping You Turn Proper Training Into Prepared Thinking.

If  a medical emergency arises at your place of work, your team can utilize  proper training to provide crucial help until a certified medical  professional arrives.

By  completing the EMR or EMT courses offered by Emergency Medical Training  Specialists, you could even be that medical professional. 


Emergency  Medical Training Specialists is flexible and can provide medical  training onsite for your organization at a day and time  that's convenient for you. Contact Kevin today to ask about availability  and pricing. 

About Kevin

As a paramedic for  31 years, Kevin is an expert in the field of emergency medical care.  Kevin Sullivan founded Emergency Medical Training Specialists in 1988 to  educate others about emergency medicine. 

He  currently manages the Arlington Area Ambulance Service and utilizes his  decades of experience to save lives and help educate others about emergency medicine techniques that can help save lives.